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Saturday, October 7, 2017

kill Kill KILL!

what do you have to offer to life? with your life? is your purpose only to get through the day? to serve others just be overlooked and under appreciated?

do something worth WHILE! make things! make YOUR life purposeful. stop dragging yourself through a "day in and day out" living... it is not worth the words that describe it. PULL YOURSELF UP!!! Be IMPORTANT!

it is time to rise UP against yourself! it is time to KILL your lazy down trodden ways! DESTROY your bleak attitude and become a POSITIVE HUMAN BEING... think of the Many Ways that you can Murder your sad and meaningless way of living and March Forward!

Death is NO comfort to the living! why walk around as a Defeated Soul! you still have TIME! you still have THIS moment to Spring forward into Action!

it is time to kill Kill KILL the old ways and adopt a New Positive Life. use your hands to make something artful, useful, Beautiful in your own eyes...      then share it with someone...

yur pal,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


HEY LOSERS! Here is a little ditty i wrote for a good friend and EXCELLENT Bike Builder that ran in The Horse, my monthly writing gig!  Every month, we will be putting up a article after it has ran on the stands! thanks for reading and TELL AND FRIEND!!!\

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 Politics and choppers!                  
I hate this subject but cannot shy away from it any longer. There are plenty of rights and wrongs in the world and it seems like everyone has an opinion how to get our country on the right track, the problem is, are we willing to go the distance and make the sacrifices to get “on the right track?” what is the “right track?”
Have any of you lived like our country’s forefathers? Living of the land or rather… “Off the grid” is an audrious task and cannot be taken lightly. Add hostile people who are starving, armed and dangerous who are used to having EVERYTHING handed to them, looking to take what you have to survive.
 NOW the odds are stacking pretty high. The idea of being stuck in the city if anarchy and martial law becomes the reality of our society is a grime nightmare. There will only be the protection of your personal firearms and alliances that you can make. High tailing it to the hills will be what most people will want to do. Run and hide till it is over.
 The reality of it all is… we live in an artificial world, TV and the internet is the surrogate mother that feeds us every day. It is almost impossible to live off the land these days. How many of us could actually do it? Be serious and ask yourself… “Can I make it? Can I provide and protect my family?”
I may not be a rich man when it comes to wealth, but I am rich in other ways. I have a great woman and son. A few terribly, awesume friends, my jobs I do are not even work to me most of the time. I am pretty much happy with most of my life. I love to make things, make art. I love the crafts that I practice… the trades I have invested years into perfecting. Drawing, painting, welding, metal shaping, wood working, building… the act of creating… the freedom I have endured and enjoyed is something I have NEVER taken for granted. I have worked very hard to gain the little amount of dirt I have accumulated.  Where will it all lead if our country goes to total crap? 

Remember Mad Max? Will the future be decided by a bunch of cyber punk Homo’s with leather-bound mohawked weirdoes strapped to the front of their vehicles? After the bombs drop with the entire JiHad the muslim world can muster… and there is nothing but ruins and junk cars left were we all once were a thriving populace, will we become a bunch of raving idiots who will start little barter towns all over the sandy terrains that were once cities full of life? What about Escape to New York? Gangs controlling the inner cities? Sound awesume! Have fun with that!
Where are all the answers to our problems? Don’t look to me to be your leader. I don’t want to be the chief of our new tribe. I am tired of being a leader at times. I maybe “the Boss”, but I do not want to be president. I do not see why anyone would want that job. Anyone who would want that job these days is probably gonna be a power hungry phony. I can NOT stand to hear people say they do not vote and complain about the current jackass that IS “commander and Chief!”  even if you MAY have voted for him and changed your mind, it is STILL GREAT THAT YOU VOTED IN THE FIRST PLACE! Hell man… we ALL make mistakes… I HAVE and still do at times. The number one excuse is that “my one vote is not gonna make a difference.”  Yes it will.
 Get off your butt and vote. People do senseless things everyday that requires more physical effort that are TOTAL wastes of time and it is never any big deal. There is no excuse. If you love our country. VOTE. Or leave. you have NO say. You are not evercising your Fundamental right as an American. What is the big deal anyway about going… is it THAT big a drag? 

 This afternoon, I am reflecting on two important days that have MORE important meanings more than writing a regular “I love Choppers” article. My birthday which I Proudly share with The Marines and Veterans Day. I believe in the men and women who have served and serve our country.  They are the only thing that are gonna keep us free. I do not think they should be taken lightly or misused to fight other countries battles. My family has fought in almost EVERY war in The United States history.  They fought for our freedom. These days, we all question what we are fighting for. Are we a blind pack of wolves being led by a bunch of greedy power hungry idiots? Probably so.
I choose the chopper culture because it has put my destiny back into my own hands. I do not believe in main society. I do not trust “the MAN” … I barely trust what I see in modern men’s “wisdom. We are TOO big for our pants.  We live in a constant barrage of smoke screens, all dictated by miley cyrus’s skinny butt twerking and then tweeting about it. What the heck IS tweeting and twerking anyWAY??? Why do I have to watch what I say when garbage like THIS rules the information age? I just wanna get on my bike and ride. I do not car if it is cold at all… the cold season is the best time to hit the black top. Most everyone who might run over you is huddle around a heater watching netflicks! 
Drifting off in dreams of shaping steel into the chariot that will propel me into the wind. The crack of the throttle is the thrills I crave. No more alcohol. No drugs can ever hold my attention again. I am free of the bonds that have held me in times of grief. The only thinks that seem to matter are the things that can be touched, heard, and smelled. Family, friends, pets, and my tools.
Harley is once again twisting the motorcycle market again to the point where you just have to wonder… WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? Talk about politics, ever since the twin SCAM came out and took the total jap bike idea, I.E. motor and tranny as a one piece unit (honda and the sort), the VroB water cooled monstrosity, the motor company HAD to keep on trucking with a BIG ole knife in the back to ALL VTWIN advocates with the new line of 750’s and 550’s! SAY WAAAAATTTTT??? Yep water cooled 750 and 550 models! And are making a lot of them in INDIA! For India BY Indians (not my fellow natives).  Does that piss you off all of you hardcore Harley stock riders who are HOG members and all? It should. I thought Harley was an AMERICAN Company. NOT SO AT ALL.
What is an American Company? Try to buy an American Flag that is made in the U.S.A. stop selling Pan, Shovels, and Flat heads to over sea collectors then spending money on the newer clones that are outsourced from other countries. Do you see Japan buying the crap out of twin SCAM’S? NO even though they make a lot of the components on new Hardly Davidson’s, they want the REAL deal. Made in America when we were STILL craftsmen. 

I may not have all the answers to save our country, but I do have some suggestions. I can beat a dead horse back to life but, I am not gonna rehash what I said earlier in this article. I WILL add to these collections of simple bits of SPACEY wisdom that dwells in me. Learn a craft that you can use to help you survive. Woodworking, metal working, skinning a bear… SOMETHING! Get your hands dirty. Shut off the computer a couple of times a week and make something that is useful. Learn to sew, learn to hunt, cook, anything that can help you to rely on yourself and can give you the sense of a little self reliance. I will leave you with this… I heard a radio commercial the other day that suggested that we turn off the lights and radio and sit in the dark for awhile to help us understand what it was like in a simpler time before electricity. Try it. No cell phones or high speed internet. Just you and darkness… think about the things that REALLY matter in your life. Think past the smoke screens that TV and the plight of the political crap that grips our country… it is time to get grounded. Wrap up some warm clothes and go for a ride…

Yur pal


Thursday, November 7, 2013


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LOSER NEWS!!! Kristal Blue and I have been Traveling to Bike Events all year and have made a ton of new friends. Our jobs with The Horse BackStreet Choppers has opened many doors in the motorcycle industry. Every month, you can read articles written by me and see Kristal's photograhy in the Hallowed pages of The Finest Chopper Rag in the World! soon we hope to post up past articles we have Done for The Horse so you can read them here. we hope that you will pick up a copy at your local newstand. see what has inspired countless chopper jockey's all around the world for years The Horse Back Street Choppers... check out online companion...   http://thehorsebc.com/ 
yur pal.... spACEy

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a day in the life part 1

a year in the life part 2


riding season is ALL season for me, but at SOME point... i have to stop and revise my trusty steed!
stockers do similar motions with oil changes and maybe a new seat or mechanical  maintenances, BUT a custom rigid bike must be meticulously gone through because of the unique stress loads it receives. Shyte literally wears out quicker and falls off!
i have set a deadline for 25 days as i will need a break in period before Daytona Bike week which will be in 38 days. Through out the year, a list will grow of things that become a constant plague. "Band aids and quick fixes" are applied to make it through different runs, then get pushed back and i ended up limping back.

I have made a list of things and here they are...

1. switching out the Ultima Primary with a American made BDL
2.adding NTP connectors to oil tank and re plumbing my copper oil lines
3.replacing my dual coil setup with a simpler single set up for a cleaner look
4.repairing the stitching and cleaning up my leather seat
5. replacing my master cylinder  with a wagoner type so i will have a reliable rear brake
6.redoing my rear passenger pegs
7. totally ultra sonic and cleaning my carb
8. new finned rocker covers for that special hotrod appeal!
9. new front tyre
10. i am adding engraved parts to my driveline all engraved by myself
11. i am handpainting the "bird man" painting from below on my gas tank

the list may grow frum there but that is fine. this is the time to do it. Time to strip this bike down and check it for stress cracks and the overall condition of  my machine. it will pay off in the confidence i will have when i am blowing down the crowded back top. stay tuned for this play by play pictorial.
i love doing stuff like this and i hope you will enjoy the process as well!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Come out and visit us this weekend at Thunder Ridge 1st Annual Bike Rally
August 17 - 19, 2012                 Philadelphia, Mississippi
We will be teaming up with Spacey's Old Tyme Mobile Tattoo

Sponsored by Orborn Lovern
The rally will be held at 15891 Hwy 19 N. in Philadelphia. The gates open at 9:00 am. There will be a benefit bike run at 4:00 pm on Friday. Saturday biker games start at 10:00 am and a casino run at 2:00 pm. For more information call (601) 416-9175, (601) 416-5237, or (601) 416-1187.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Family Values

Thunder Beach 2012 - Panama City Florida

Best of the Beach - Bike Show
I won 1st place in Rat Chopper Class! 
Hell Yeah!!!
Representing the Lucky Losers, Devon & his wife, Melody.

To view more photos, click the link below: